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Into the Valley

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

A few years ago I optioned the rights to Ruth Galm's debut novel, Into the Valley. I have since adapted it into a screenplay and am in the process of attaching a female director, DP, and looking for financing.


In 1967 San Francisco, a former debutante suffering from anxiety, flees her dead-end life for a new identity in the Sacramento Valley, but her journey takes a turn through taboo relationships and a check-fraud scheme she follows to dangerous depths.

Tonal/Stylistic Notes: A 1960s Thelma and Louise "woman on the run" film meets On the Road told through a Terrence Malick lens. The protagonist, B., is a female anti-hero struggling with existence and gender roles, lost on the open road. 

Baby Blue Mustang in Griffith park

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